How Do You Play Simple Chess?

Many people love to play board games such as snakes and ladders, checkers, backgammon, and scrabble… Ok fine, I know what you were thinking. Of course, I will not forget chess.

When we say board games, the first thing to pop up into our minds will be chess most of the time. But even though it was so popular that you can even see the gramps within the barbershop playing with it, there are still some people who don’t know how to play chess.

Well, that’s not a problem. Even if others consider chess as a difficult game, with enough practice and willingness to learn it will be just simple.

Getting started

We play chess on a board with exactly 64 blocks or square spaces in a checkered pattern. The game also starts with 16 chess pieces for each player. Out of those 16 pieces composed of 8 pawns, 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 1 queen and 1 king.

There is also an arrangement of pieces involved, you will not just put the pieces out there randomly. First will be the rooks placed in the corners, knights next to rooks, and bishops next to knights. After arranging the first few pieces this will leave 2 space in the middle, that will be the place for the king and queen.

Lastly will be the pawns that will serve as your front liners. There will always be 2 sides, and to start the game the white side will be the first one to make a move against the black side. Each player is only allowed to make a single move after each other make their own.

The game is over when a player is not able to put away his king from a check, in other words, it is checkmate. There are some cases where players on disadvantage can force a draw or stalemate.

When a disadvantaged player only has a king and he is not able to make a legal move without being check, that is considered stalemate. Other reasons can be decided between players, lack of piece to achieve a checkmate or having a certain number of repetitive moves that didn’t checkmate the opponent.

Chess pieces

With 6 different kinds of pieces that have unique features. The king as the most important piece as it was your life in this game. The queen as the most powerful piece as it was considered the combination of a rook and a bishop. The bishop as the piece that can capture an opposing piece diagonally.

The rook as the piece that can capture an opposing piece in any straight direction. The knight as the only piece who can go through occupied spaces. Lastly, the pawn which can turn to any piece except for the king once it reaches the other side of the board.

Special moves

There are 3 special moves in chess which are called en passant, promotion and castling. The first move is en passant, en passant occurs when the pawn’s very first move land on the 2nd space in its front, “en passant” is a French word defined as “in passing”.

The next move will be promotion, a promotion occurs when a pawn succeeds on reaching the other side of the board. The pawn then can turn to any piece except for the king.

The last move will be castling which involves 2 pieces, the king and the rook. In order to do this, move the player must meet some requirements. A player can only proceed into castling when it was only the very first move of both the king and the rook, the space between the rook and the king must be cleared, the king must be held first by the player before the rook, and the king should not be on the check.


That’s all the things you need to know on how to play simple chess. It might be difficult when you start applying it on an actual game, but practice will make you get used to it.

It doesn’t matter how many times you lose to better players, these players also started from the bottom. Once you get used on playing chess it will make you better through time and dedication.

Who knows? You might be the next grandmaster of chess who competes worldwide or a chess club founder who will also teach and mentor young aspirants. There is no way to be perfect, but being imperfect means that there is room for improvements.

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