4 Reasons Why Kids Should Play Chess

Why Chess is Good for Kids?

Chess is the oldest games in the world. In 1851, the first modern tournament of chess was held in London. Chess is a game where two players are involved and it’s only played on a chessboard, The game chess was originated in India, it was originally calledChaturanga. Shirham is a king ruled over India, one day there is a wise man invented the chess game to show how the king is important to everybody. The variation among Japan, India, Persia, and China are all dissimilar enough that the invention of chess was claimed in several places. But the only accepted version is that chess comes from India and spread in Persia.

In the game Chess, Grandmaster is the highest award that awarded to the chess player. There are young kids started playing chess and they learned at an early age, some are started at six years old and they had their own chess teachers. Sergey Karjakin that live in Ukraine, was the first youngest grandmaster with the age of 13.

4 Reasons Why Kids Should play Chess

Some Children/Kids commonly wants to play soccer, football, playing in their playground, basketball, volleyball, play instruments or go to gymnastics classes. It is important that at the young age of your Kids must try out many activities they want to find out the activities that suit them. This time goes by some parents forget to play the game chess in their kids because chess is one of the lesser-known activities. Sometimes if we encounter the word chess it always comes in our mind that this is commonly a game for old men taking cigarettes and sitting beside the road or in small chambers. But nowadays there are many young kids that are interested in playing chess. Many Schools had a chess competition to enhance and use the sills when it comes to playing chess in their students.

Chess is amazing! It enhances the knowledge and skills of kids playing chess and it also promotes skills that can be used or applied in real life situations.

In this article, I am going to present the 5 reasons why your kids must play chess.


  • Chess can Improve their Strategical Thinking

If you want to conquer tasks in your life, you must think always a good idea or make a plan outlining how to fulfill your objective step by step. During a chess game, you should find several different plans, think about some ideas to solve the problem and to be flexible.

In chess, kids need to be creative and come up with an original idea to make their opponent surprise with a plan that they didn’t expect. You should also motivate your kids that if they strategize or think well during the game, you will be given a reward for them to be inspired and play the game well.


  • Chess can Improve their Social Skills

Chess can help you to Enhance or build your social skills because the rule in chess dictates the players to must shake hands before starting a game. It shows that they should respect one another and must learn to discipline their self in terms of being reasonably silent.


  • Chess Enhance the Brain Power of Kids

Just a basketball player needs to train the leg and arm muscles to become agile and be physically fit. A chess player must need to train the most important tools that enable a player to reach great results – which is their brain. The functional brain is very important in playing chess, if you don’t use or practice your biceps often, it will not become strong. Therefore, if your brain is not regularly used to solve all the challenging task, you will not become mentally fit. We see that that the first reason why your kids must play chess is that to work out their imaginations and thinking.

If your child plays chess, it will be a great advantage to help your kids to perform well in their school because one great benefits of playing chess are brain power. Chess is an amazing and very helpful sport It’s not only for entertainment or for fun but also it can you to improve your thinking skills and memorization skills. In one study shown that moving those rooks and knights around can raise a person’s IQ.


  • Chess can Help You Concentrate

If you observe the children they only watch short videos/movies on TV because kids have an only short attention span. In a chess game it takes more than five hours, it requires extreme focused, although your kids have only a short attention span. Even kids concentrate for only an hour, it will enhance their attention spans. That’s you should try to play the game chess to your kids because playing chess will help your kids to become more attentive.

Therefore, chess is very essential and helpful to your Kids because it helps them to improve their brain power, strategical thinking, social skills, and helps them to become attentive. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to expose your children to play game chess.

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